Assistant Dean Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, joined TSU International Affairs Department to warm welcome the delegation from Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology, Malaysia
Post internship seminar
Internship site visit
USK-TSU collaboration: student mobility and joint activity possibilities
Higher Education at ISU Program
Guest lecture for UMK students
Visiting lecturer for Universitas Muria Kudus, Indonesia
Oral presentation in The 11th PSU Trang National Conference(PSUNC)
Economics Farewell 2021-22
Brazilian Portuguese and Culture
Comprehensive examination for Economics Programme 
Oral presentation in HRM NPST National Conference 2022
Post training seminar and research presentation for cooperative education
Higher Education at ISU Special Program
Research in Economics 
Seminar in Economics
Guest lecture at NSRU
International Seminar on “Indonesian economy and culture”
External seminar: sharing from Econ alumnus
Orientation for internship

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