Event photos

International Seminar on “City Living in Singapore”
Guest lecture on Turkish Economy
Merry Christmas 2021
Orientation and research proposal presentation for cooperative education
Economics research proposal defend
Guest lecture at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
Internal Seminar on “How to Pursue Your Study Abroad”
External committee of participatory standardised organic farming 
External Seminar on “Third Language Acquisition and Future Career”
International Seminar on Florianopolis: Sociedade, Economia e Cultura
International Seminar on COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on the UK economy and house price
International Seminar on Permaculture
External Seminar on “SMEs Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs”
Celebration of 53rd Anniversary of Thaksin University
Virtual Training for Student Internship and Cooperative Education
International Seminar on “The UK Vaccination Programme: Role of Pharmacy and Socioeconomic Effects”
Research on Wellbeing and Happiness and the Application of Mixed Methodology
Econ-TSU Meeting 2021
International Seminar on “Japanese Economy and Culture”
AUN-QA External Assessor

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